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Private & Shared rooms
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Private & Shared rooms
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$393 / week or
$1,572 / month
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4 weeks


CoWorld offers 30-day co-working retreats for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and location-independent professionals.
Are you ready to learn and work beside like-minded, ambitious and inspiring entrepreneurs in some of the most beautiful places on Earth?

If you’re ready to participate in workshops from highly experienced entrepreneurs, work in a community-driven environment and have the experience of a lifetime, then we invite you to apply for our next retreat.



Candela Ghelfi

Candela Ghelfi

Argentinian from birth, with Czech grandparents, Italian from tradition and Spanish resident I can say that I am from the world; it’s easier this way. I was born August 30th and according to the horoscope and my mother I am a social person, curious, perfectionist and I love to take the microphone wherever I am, now I understand why I started to sing. I wanted to explore the world and as I couldn’t learn every language, I took with me my music, nothing more universal than that. I’m also a sports fan and love to improvise.

Federico Eufemio

Federico Eufemio

One day checking out my family tree I discovered that I am 100% Argentinian, my family didn’t come from any boat, even less from a plane. One day I took one to explore the world leaving my house behind, that familiar place, my corporate job in which I was hiding every day in this dark costume that I don’t miss at all. I discovered passions that I never had the time before to found, I enjoy cooking and my speciality it’s the asado (Argentinian BBQ), I know we all say this, but it’s true.

Judith Tirado

Judith Tirado

I know that after seeing my picture you thought about it, but for your surprise I am Spanish, but if we start to research we may find I come from those colonies that arrived to the South of Spain at those times… now I get why I am so attracted to Japan. I am Judith. I can’t say I love sports but I like running (I ran a marathon -errmm, like 5 years ago…-, but I keep bragging about it like if it happened yesterday). I studied many things until I found my goal, marketing.

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Love CoWorld! Met great people, experienced amazing Buenos Aires, and had a super productive coworking space

Love CoWorld! Met great people, experienced amazing Buenos Aires, and had a super productive coworking space. Will do it again.

December 6, 2017
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