1. Hacker Paradise

Hacker Paradise


Private rooms
Coworking included
Flights not included
Private rooms
Apartments & Hotels
SIM card
$495 / week or
$1,980 / month
Minimum stay
2 weeks



Dale Johnson

Dale Johnson

Facilitator and illustrator. Drives the banter bus. Walks like a t-rex but runs like a beast.

Spencer Jentzsch

Spencer Jentzsch

Trip facilitator, Korean linguist, and Tinder profile consultant. Content to play volleyball, eat street food, and sing karaoke every day.

158 Participants

Aakash Goyal Aaron Schleichkorn Adrienne Tran Agni Kumar Nath Akshay Shah Alexandra Rodionova Allison Levine Allison Vicenzi Andreas Hausleitner Andrei Mitrea Anita Campbell Antoine Hedgecock Antoine Rondelet Antonin Hildebrand Anton Oparin Arielle Vaniderstine
Ashish Gupta Aske Ertmann Bernardo Salinas Blake Embrey Bradley Cicenas Brad Stachurski Carlos Figueroa Carl Sue Cayla Green Charlie Guo Chris Powell Chris Roth Connor Savage Courtney Machi Daisy Jing Dakota Murray
Dan Getelman Daniel Carneiro Daniel Liebeskind Danny Panzer Danny Sapio Dan Stepanov Dave Neal Devon Zuegel Diego Alvarez Doina Ieseanu Dorian Amouroux Ellen Koenig Emily Michels Estela Kun Felix Glaeske Francisco Presencia
Gabe Ragland George Lee Georgi Georgiev Grace Hong Graham Dubow Grayson Manley Haiko Schol Henry Snow Hylke Visser Iskender Piyale-Sheard Iva Vigan Jacob Laukaitis Jamal Mashal James Kiesel James Vanneman Jay Hack
Jay Meistrich Jennie Cortes Jenn Vargas Jesse Norton Jessica Simon Jess Warren Jim Tittsler Johan Stokking John Farrell John Nollin Jordan Donofrio Josh Eidenberg Joshua Dunlap Julio Lopez Kaisu Koskela Kayli Barth
Ken Hu Khayeni Sanders Koustubh Gaikwad Lauren Razavi Laurens Slats Leif Terje Fonnes Leo Correa Lianna Patch Linus Wong Lola Rigaut-Luczak Lori Tilley Lucas Mancini Luis Malavé Luka Kacil Luka Siric Luke Roberts
Maria João Ferreira Martin Rabaglia Matej Jan Matt Stringer Matt Winn Max Salven Meg Robichaud Michael Hackner Michal Adda Michele Simonato Micki McNie Miranda Bishop Morgan Willowgate Nessa Nguyen Nicola Hughes Nicolas (Foca) Sanguinetti
Oskar Groth Pauline Chin Pramit Rashinkar Prateek Narang Ran Guin Renato de Leão Richard Littauer Ricky Lee Rob Cole Roberto Rivera Romeo Van Snick Roxanne Ravago Saaqshi Sharma Samantha August Sam Hogg Saskia Vola
Scotty Allen Shuichi Tsutsumi Shy Ruparel Sib Mahapatra Sol Tran Steve Lacey Storm Farrell Suzi Albrecht Terrie Chan Tom Ruttle Urban Skudnik Wendy Hu Wessel Versluis Whitney Perkins Wienke Giezeman Wouter Vernaillen
Zach Waterfield Zernyu Chou



men: 114 72%
women: 44 28%


developers: 94 59%
designers: 14 9%
entrepreneurs: 14 9%
writers: 8 5%
founders: 4 3%
project managers: 4 3%
students: 3 2%
consultants: 2 1%
data scientists: 2 1%
journalists: 2 1%
youtubers: 2 1%
community managers: 1 1%
customer supports: 1 1%
data analysts: 1 1%
investors: 1 1%
marketers: 1 1%
product managers: 1 1%
social media consultants: 1 1%
teachers: 1 1%
unspecifieds: 1 1%


unspecified: 105 66%
united states: 24 15%
netherlands: 5 3%
canada: 3 2%
france: 3 2%
belgium: 2 1%
croatia: 2 1%
germany: 2 1%
india: 2 1%
united kingdom: 2 1%
argentina: 1 1%
australia: 1 1%
italy: 1 1%
new zealand: 1 1%
norway: 1 1%
romania: 1 1%
russia: 1 1%
uruguay: 1 1%

9 Reviews

Coworking space
Social life
Value for money

If you're looking for a 'digital nomad' program definitely choose HP. I did tons of research and talked to participants of other work/travel programs and in the end, decided to join Hacker Paradise. I, without a doubt made the right decision. The program exceeded my expectations and really made me feel like I was apart of a community. HP is also super flexible which allows you to get what you want out of it. Some people are looking for professional development and networking, some are looking to travel for a short period of time and some want to start a new job/business/path. The flexibility in structure attract people from very diverse backgrounds. Most of all, the facilitators are amazing!!! I can't stay enough about how awesome they were--they truly made my experience worthwhile. I can't wait to join the group again.

2 months ago

HP was the experience that I was always looking for start traveling and working around the world. It was incredible being surrounded by amazing people, share unforgettable experiences with them, learning fun things like surf or tango, things that I didn't realize that I'd enjoy them being just for my own and at the same time, feeling that any day was different with these people, there was always something fun to do and there was always someone to work with. It was life changing for me to have joined the program. I can't wait till next time!

2 months, 1 week ago

I joined HP in Bali last December. I'm NOT at all the type to get sobby about stuff like this, but I can honestly say it changed my life. I met some truly incredible people (and some duds, but what can you do? Juuuust kidding) and realized that I want to travel + work AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, forever. Because IT IS A THING YOU CAN DO.

Spencer and Dale are dream-team facilitators, we hiked a damn volcano, I was covered in monkeys multiple times, come on now y'all, this shit was amazing. AND: I got a ton of work done, including submitting exam materials for a certification I'd been putting off for a literal year and hearing some truly great ideas for an invention I'm working on. 10/10, cannot wait to join HP again soon.

2 months, 1 week ago

This is no hyperbole: Hacker Paradise has been one of the most productive and enjoyable experiences of my life. As a first-time nomad, I was nervous about balancing productivity and fun while traveling abroad, but the HP community provides a perfect balance of structure and spontaneity. Some highlights from my time in Porto and Jeju: port wine tasting in port caves, pot lucks with homemade food from half a dozen countries, weekend trips to the beach, swimming in rock pools, climbing South Korea's tallest mountain, experiencing a Korean sauna for the first time, and good old Goofy Foot (need I say more)...

Of course, what really makes the whole thing work are the people -- from Spencer and Dale who are absolutely amazing at keeping the ship running and setting the tone, to all the other attendees who are invariably 1) working on cool projects, 2) willing to share their knowledge and insight, 3) always down for a pint after a long day at the co-working space. If you're on the fence, don't be: just do it!

2 months, 1 week ago

I first joined Hacker Paradise for 4 weeks in Jeju, South Korea. I've enjoyed it so much, that I've decided to also come for Peru trip. This time, for 8 weeks.
Travelling with HP is a great way to meet new people, visit interesting places but still stay on track with your career.
Spencer and Dale are working hard to make sure, that you have everything you need to stay productive and enjoy your stay. They organize meetups with local communities, talks and workshops.
Community itself is also amazing. People are always willing to help each other.

I cannot recommend it enough!

2 months, 1 week ago

Currently on my fourth trip with Hacker Paradise. The top four things that keep me coming back are:

1. Program organization - Facilitators Spencer and Dale are work relentlessly to make sure accommodations and co-working spaces meet the needs of the participants. If there are issues, for example with internet speeds or housing problems, they are on top of the problem right away, sometimes before we even notice it happening. They are responsive and understand the needs of digital nomads because they both been there.

2. Participants - Hacker Paradise does a great job of selecting people for their programs. Most everyone I've met during my trips have been dedicated, accepting, interesting, friendly, curious, and just generally good travelers. They work hard and yes, they party hard too but it's all great fun. I've made friends for life here. You can judge how great the group is and how addicting this lifestyle is by that fact that so many people either extend their stay or wish they could because the group is so hard to leave.

3. Diversity - Not only is there a diversity in gender but also in age and in career paths. Usually Hacker implies developer but in reality there are people from a number of different jobs here and the facilitators seem to put emphasis on choosing people from variety of backgrounds.

4. Lastly, Location - HP has gone to places this year that I've wanted to visit and the program allows me time to really get to know places with other people who are interested in seeing them too.

2 months, 1 week ago

Hacker Paradise was a wonderful experience for me. I was impressed with the level of organization Spencer & Dale were able to uphold throughout my stay in Argentina. Throughout all the issues with accommodations, co-working space or what have you, they did an amazing job. Equally as impressive, was the quality of people present in the program. Ultimately, you get out of this what you put into it. If you're looking for an incredible community, new memories, and are able to put yourself out there, this comes highly recommended :)

2 months, 1 week ago

After a phenomenal 4 weeks in Portugal, I have returned to join Hacker Paradise Lima. I've had an amazing experience at Hacker Paradise, the people are great, the locations are exciting, and the adventures are real. Spencer and Dale do an amazing job running the program. The community aspect is impressive, with a lot of diversity in knowledge and expertise, so there are always interesting people to talk to and learn from. Hacker Paradise puts a lot of effort into getting everyone involved in the local tech community which makes for a much better experience. Overall its a great community with awesome events and even better organizers!

2 months, 1 week ago

Hacker Paradise is my family away from home. It's a fantastic opportunity to meet amazing people, work from cool locations, and constantly be inspired by people doing cool things who are always willing to share their knowledge. And eat a lot of dessert.

2 months, 1 week ago
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